Our tariffs consist of special prices for my first year. Peer characteristics are almost impossible to find at these prices. You choose one of our packages immediately and try the Koovan system. We may be in constant contact throughout the trial period. You will have twenty percent of our annual offer.

Select Your Most Suitable Plan or Pricing

You can choose and try our best packages for yourself. You are entitled to a one-month trial in our paid packages. Koovan offers this service without the need for a credit card identification. If you can't find one of the packages according to your data collection capacity, please contact us and we will offer you a special offer. Offers offered by Koovan are special discounted rates for our first year. You will have a 20 percent discount on one-year plans.

Compare Plans & Features

We developed a table for you to review our plans on a feature-by-case basis. You can choose the most suitable plan and start using it immediately.


I need a little data collection


Per Month


I need to collect data and use it easily


Per Month


I need to collect, use and analyze data


Per Month

Api service
Max Data Rows (Daily) 500 4000
Online Support
Advanced reporting and analyses
Alert system
Max Data Rows (Mountly) 15000 120000 500000
Cload Acount (mb) 512 2048 4096
Maximum crawler workers 2 4 6
Maximum Domain Count 5 20 50
Maximum days of stored data 10 30 60
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