Today, the meaning of data is constantly increasing and is of great importance for a sector. You can easily collect public website data in any structure you want. Koovan offers tailor-made solutions for your data collection needs.

Collect your data with your own template

You can collect public data on the Internet in a structure that you specify. You can keep the data you collect in your cloud account if you want. You can download your data from your cloud account if you like. Koovan offers two basic solutions for you.

  • You can easily crawl and use many complex websites with your own templates.

  • You can use pre-built structures to collect data with ready-made packages or customized solutions.

How Koovan Works

Web Scraping is now much easier. You can crawl a website very easily with Koovan without long efforts and you can start the analysis immediately. You can collect public data by following these steps.

  • Add Your Domains

    Include the domain names you want to work with on the clear. You can keep up-to-date by adding appointments to your domain names.

  • Collect Data from the Web

    With Koovan, it's easy to collect data via the web for your personal or corporate campaigns. Our packages are open to individual and corporate use

  • Get Advanced Reports

    You can report and analyze with the advanced tools over the data you have collected and view or download them with advanced options.

Application Screens

We have prepared some of the most used screens taken from Koovan application. You can register and test yourself for free.


We listed a few features about Koovan

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