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We present the compiled questions in the general category.

Koovan is an online web-based web scraper application.

You can use it to collect data from web pages that are public or require special access. The purpose of the Koovan application is to help you collect this data, as well as to make it easy to access and process the data.

Koovan is built on a system that requires membership. To use the system, you must select and register packages from the Packages and Pricing page. Then you can log in and start using the confirmation link sent to you.

Koovan is a web-based SaaS application. Use the web application for membership, data collection and use, payments and online support. We do not have an official product.

Data Collection and Use

You can find questions and answers about data collection and use of the collected data here.

Koovan is available for free. There are restrictions on the feature of free use. Paid packages and special solutions are also available.

Payment plans are tailored to your needs. If you need to collect a certain level of data, the free solution is enough. If you need to collect data according to your need for advanced data collection, paid solutions will respond.

The payment you will make for the service you receive through Koovan will be provided monthly or annually on the package you choose. Payments can only be made by credit card.

Yeah. The solution on Koovan SaaS may not be enough for you for a variety of reasons. In this case, you can contact us immediately via this link and receive our special offer on your circumstances.


We have compiled for you the problems that may occur with payment methods.

Web scraping is the collection and storage of data on public web pages. There may be a problem in publishing the acquired data if the web page from which the data was received has copyright. In this context, the subject of data collection and processing is legal and it is possible to publish it with the permission of its source.

It is possible with Koovan to collect data from web pages that have access restriction with membership system. After logging into the system, you need to create a template for the membership system of the website where data will be collected. Then, user name and password should be defined to the system. After this process, it can collect data from public web pages as well as data from restricted access systems.

With Koovan, you can quickly start collecting data. After logging into the system, you must add the domain name of the website on which you will collect data. You must then create a template for this domain. The reason you create a template is because you collect data from the web page according to your own data structure. Once you have created the template, you can start 'Crawling' from web pages based on this template.

Yes it is possible. After each crawling task you have started, two download buttons will be active. One of these keys will only download the data and the other will be downloaded with the acquired files.

Yes. You will be able to analyze the collected data with various data mining algorithms. Our improvements are continuing for this. This module has not been commissioned yet, but our improvements are continuing.

The data you collect is kept on the Koovan cloud system. You can copy and download the backup at any time. You can also contact us immediately if you wish to keep the data on your own servers. We will have to produce a special solution for you.

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