How its Works ?

  • Select and Try Package

    Choose carefully the packages that are best suited for you and try it out. Our packages are open to individual and corporate use.

  • Add Your Domains

    Include the domain names you want to work with on the clear. You can keep up-to-date by adding appointments to your domain names.

  • Collect Data from the Web

    With Koovan, it's easy to collect data via the web for your personal or corporate campaigns. Our packages are open to individual and corporate use

  • Get Advanced Reports

    You can report and analyze with the advanced tools over the data you have collected and view or download them with advanced options.

Scheduled Task Creation

You can create separate scheduled tasks for your domain names. You can manage with your advanced settings for your created assignments, analyze the results you receive and download them as advanced reports.

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Your Data Your Cloud Account

If you want to download the results of the data collection process you have done on the Koovan system, you can store it in your cloud account. Koovan keeps binary files and generated data on your web pages in a convenient location on your cloud account.

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Create Your Own Template

Koovan can scan the web pages of your domain names through the templates you specify. You can create a template for each of your domain names and Koovan will use these templates along with their default templates to collect data that is more compatible with your wishes for the domain name.

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Choose a Pack to Buy

Our tariffs consist of special prices for my first year. Peer characteristics are almost impossible to find at these prices. You choose one of our packages immediately and try the Koovan system. We may be in constant contact throughout the trial period. You will have twenty percent of our annual offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Discuss with Us

You can contact us only if you want us to create a system that is suitable for you other than our schedules. Your data is kept secure and encrypted on the Koovan cloud system. But if you are on your own servers and want to install with your own custom solutions, contact us immediately.